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The Master's Collection

Three Ships Whisky

Why should a super rare, limited edition whisky be sold in the same way as every other whisky is sold online? Driven by their audience on social media, Thee Ships was about to release South Africa’s very first 10 year old single malt, single cask whisky and this question became our challenge. It was the perfect opportunity to build an experience that would invite our audience to be part of a whisky-world-first: the Three Ships PX Live Whisky Sale - an interactive online experience that happened in real time.

We created a set featuring 400 of the 800 bottles available and mapped hot layers over streamed live video to create an interactive experience that allowed everyone who joined the stream to hand pick and purchase the numbered bottle of their choice. The purchase could be completed in under a minute with the use of SnapScan - a South African mobile payment method. Consumers joined the stream and fiercely competed for the numbered bottle they were after then watched in amazement as the store assistants climbed the ladders to retrieve the exact bottle they had just paid for and hand it to Master Distiller, Andy Watts who then signed their certificate of authentication.

Consumers couldn’t believe that it was live so Andy responded to their tweets, phone calls and even a request to do a little jig to prove that the experience truly was live. Never before had Three Ships Whisky fans been able to share an experience like this with the Whisky Master. After completing their purchase, consumers continued to watch as the bottles on the wall decreased while exploring the scene for further video content about this special whisky. The campaign netted us some amazing results and a bottle of whisky sold every 45 seconds, closing the store in 5 hours. In addition, our partner merchants sold out of remaining stock quicker than any other whisky in their history. Proving that even when it comes to selling whisky in the modern age, sometimes the best digital solution is how we make the experience more human.