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Woolworths and Quirk Roll-Out First Facebook Commerce Retail Experience January 04, 2012

Woolworths SA and Quirk have collaborated to enhance South Africa’s f-commerce platform, facilitating and executing sales transactions on Facebook, and providing more than four million users the ultimate in online shopping experiences.

Quirk, recently named as South Africa’s ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency’ at the industry’s Bookmarks awards, has developed the browser that shows how to display a page's words and images, for the user on the f-commerce page.

Woolworths Head of Online, Nikki Cockcroft, says: “This was just the beginning. F-commerce is the next step and there’ll be plenty more. Already customers can shop for homeware, beauty products, clothing and general goods while browsing and chatting to their mates, and in the near future, we will be enhancing this development to include food as well as offering integrated payment.”

“In addition, we will be launching our online shopping offering across multiple platforms including mobile and other devices to offer our customers a convenient, hassle-free and of course, pleasant shopping experience - no matter where they are – at work, at home or stuck in traffic.”

Woolworths SA’s f-commerce homepage on Facebook
Woolworths SA’s f-commerce homepage on Facebook

Quirk Chief Technology Officer, Craig Raw, adds that locally, brand marketing on Facebook has grown tremendously in the past year and f-commerce was the logical next step.

“It was a privilege to assist the Woolworths team in delivering another South African first - a world class e-commerce experience within the Facebook environment," he says.

The sheer volume of Facebook users in South Africa makes this f-commerce platform the most attractive business entity in the retail industry, offering a unique and nuanced selling opportunity.

Brands that use f-commerce are able to reach a wider pool of consumers by going where their customers interact. In addition, there is the very real potential for these consumers to effectively market the brand to their Facebook friends.

Mother’s can purchase kiddy clothes via Woolworths SA’s f-commerce
Mother’s can purchase kiddy clothes via Woolworths SA’s f-commerce

Consumers can make selections, add them to their shopping basket and click to buy on the Woolworths site, all from their Facebook account and the brand gets the added viral advantage of Facebook ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares.’

Visit the Woolworths store on Facebook and enhance your shopping experience today.