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Quirk is now Mirum

Adil Dante

Quirk's Official Wheels & Man U Fan

In October 2012, we welcomed Adil Dante into the Cape Town QuirkStation. This new addition to the team is kind of a big deal, as he’s our first official Driver! Having previously worked for Excite Taxis, we know he’s ace when it comes to navigating the Mother City.

Growing up, he was a big fan of Goku but these days, it’s Facebook he can’t get enough of. Well, that AND sports… specifically Man United. Adil’s also a big fan of music and fun. Combine the two and he’s in his element! Not only has hestarred in the District 6 Musical by David Kramer and Taliep Peterson but he also plays in a Cape Minstrel band called “The Happy Boys”. If he could choose a superpower, Adil would pick the power of flight (we think this is so he can fly to Old Trafford to watch some action). What else does he bring to the party? “Honesty and loyalty, down to earth-ness”.  And there you have it.

“Lead with your heart and your life will follow”