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Quirk is now Mirum

Alex Burger

Account Manager & Animal Lover

February 2014 was a month filled with flowers, choccies and lots of love. It also saw a budding romance between Quirk and Alex Burger when she joined us as an Account Manager in Cape Town.

This lady, who personifies passion, studied Marketing Business Managementat IMM which she then followed up with a post grad in Marketing and Advertising Communications at Red & Yellow. While she may not have knownexactly what she wanted to do after her studies, Alex did know she wanted to work with people and put her organisational skills to use. She thrives in a challenging and creative environment and after discovering her love for digital, she knew advertising was where she’s meant to be. We agree!

Before joining the Quirk team, Alex worked at Gloo where she honed her skills. This lady’s a sucker for MashableInstagram and Pinterest but would spend her ideal day off lounging in the sun, enjoying an ice cream and reading her Kindle. She loves ALL animals and used to do "vaulting" as a sport when she was younger. What's vaulting, you may ask? Gymnastics on horseback. Our QuirkStars are far from ordinary!

"To break the rules, you must first master them"