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Amanda Agulhas

Office Manager & Ma Baker

Amanda Agulhas hopped aboard the good ship, Quirk Cape Town in Movember 2011, joining our team as Office Manager and neat freak extraordinaire. Within days, we caught wind of her nickname, Ma Baker (which makes sense a lot of sense ‘cause this lady hearts baking). Growing up, Amanda had a crush on Christopher Atkins and wanted to learn all she could about him, since then she’s set her sights on learning all about working in a digital environment here at Quirk.

She’s one-of-a-kind and a bossy (in a good way) perfectionist with workaholic tendencies – proving her the ideal lady to keep our Cape Town Stars in check! Ma Baker is all about her family, which extends to her beloved furries; Jack the dog and Pixie the cat. She loves the occasional ciggie and has an alleged allergy to stupidity… bless you. If Amanda could change the world, she’d get rid of the “skinny is cool” perception. Preach, sister!

“Be careful of the toes that you step on today, as they might be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow”