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Quirk is now Mirum

Andrew Allison

Chief Financial Officer & Pop Culture Guru

Having spent eight years soaking up the bright city lights of Joburg and London, Andrew Allison (B.Bus.Sc., LLB, LLM) finally returned to the Mother City in late 2010 where he joined Quirk’s Cape Town office as Chief Financial Officer.

As a boy in the Southern Suburbs, Andrew dreamed of one day playing the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, discovering tombs and temples in Egypt and rescuing Princess Leia from the greasy fingers of Han Solo. These lofty ambitions led him as a matter of course into the dazzling world of corporate law, where he qualified as an attorney specialising in mergers and acquisitions, group restructuring and company law and advised clients across a variety of sectors on a wide range of contractual and commercial issues. But this wasn’t enough for Andrew. QuirkStardom still eluded him. Until now.

When he isn’t educating anyone bored enough to listen on the latest trends in music and cinema, Andrew enjoys a glass of red wine in front of a crackling fire (bearskin rug optional), long walks on the beach at sunset and wrestling with his imaginary golden retriever puppy. He is also convinced that he once kissed Alyssa Milano (ask her - it’s true!).

Andrew may be colour blind, but he has an eagle eye for the fine print and an obsession with grammar and punctuation. Prior to devoting his pen full-time to the crafting of contracts, rules and regulations, Andrew dabbled in amateur tabloid journalism and was a pioneer on the South African blogging scene. He even managed to garner a couple of SA Blog Awards, which he’ll tell you all about if you ask him nicely.

“Phase one: collect underpants; phase three: profit.”

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