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Quirk is now Mirum

Azeez Salie joined the Cape Town QuirkStation’s Create Team in January 2012 as a part-time Design Assistant. When he’s not in our offices you’ll find him putting in the hours to complete his third year of Interactive Graphics at Concept Interactive.

Originally, Azeez (or Sand Boy as he’s known to some) planned on studyingPsychology to figure out why he saw the world in his own unique way. He reckons becoming a designer was the next best thing ‘cause now he can create the world he sees. Amen, brother! This also means Azeez gets to spend his days doing exactly what he loves: dabbling around in Photoshop without getting into trouble! He’s also prone to spending his time on Google and Discogs.

This self-described obsessive-compulsive perfectionist vegan spends the little free-time he has between lectures, sculpting, remixing music and DJ-ing. When he’s at home, his three 15-year-old cats form his shadow. Yet another cat lover? Yes please!