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Bahar Shahidi

Graduate Consultant & Google Addict

Bahar Shahidi joined Quirk London at the end of February 2015 as a Graduate Consultant, and assists wherever she can with admin, clients and research. She studied history at the London School of Economics and remained there to complete her Masters in Media and Communications. Although she’s a Londoner at heart, Babs was actually born in Iran and lived there until she was 6.

Addicted to Google, this QuirkStar can’t buy, watch, eat or do anything without Googling it first, but her true guilty pleasure is Reality TV, so much so that she even wrote her dissertation on the subject. Bahar has been known to suffer a great deal from FOMO, and tries her best to remedy this by never missing out on a party, so if you’re looking a fun night out on the town, be sure to make friends with this little lady.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr Seuss