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Quirk is now Mirum

Brett Noble joined the Jozi intern pen in the warm spring September of 2013. An alumnus of the University of Cape Town, this man’s first step on the path that would eventually lead him to our doors, began with a major in Film Studies and Language and Literature. He then moved on to the hallowed halls of Vega for an undergrad, and also dabbled in a few other career options, including: bartending, temping at Porsche design, and running community-based rock music projects.

Brettski’s a muso, and prides himself on being able to work out most songs on his trusty axe. He’s a worldly man, too, and should he be gifted a superpower for one day, he says he’d go with teleportation and travel to as many destinations as possible.  

When we asked the ‘Noble-man’ what he plans to add to the Quirk dynamic, his response is quick, and without hesitation: ‘…energy and comic relief,’ he says, ‘around me, there’s always a buzz.’

‘Both we and our words are over-produced by influence.’ – Anthony Green (Circa Survive) 

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