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Quirk is now Mirum

Candice de Goede

HR Consultant & Extravagant Shoe Collector

This cake-baking, animal-saving HR extraordinaire (as she so aptly describes herself) joined our Quirk Jozi office in January 2016. Candi started out in the world of Informatics, but quickly realised that she was NOT a computer whisperer and switched to Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

Currently, this “Olaf lookalike” (she says it’s the nose) is fostering a whopping TEN fur-babies, all while taking really good care of her four year old daughter. #SuperMom Candice is known for her wicked sense of humour, her love for helping others and, of course, her extravagant shoe collection.

If you happen to be at a party together, you are likely to find her singing along to the old classic “Ice, Ice Baby” or reviving drowning bees (what a sweetheart). And if you’re a Friends fan, you’re in luck! Candice can recite the dialogue from almost every episode – clearly a woman of many talents.

Last but not least, should the world end tomorrow, Candice would immediately teleport her entire family to the Maldives for a lovely little holiday (assuming that teleportation were an option … which we think it should be).

“This too shall pass.”