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Quirk is now Mirum

Carlos Menezes

Managing Director & Yak Milker

Carlos thinks his "exotic, fantastic, Mediterranean looks" make him special. He is also convinced he dated Angelina Jolie for two weeks, even though all evidence points distinctly to the contrary.

Now almost fully recovered after hitting a few too many branches while falling from the Dream Tree, Carlos finds himself at Quirk as an Account Director, after having completed a BCom and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing at UCT. Why Quirk? "I was looking for some place that was challenging and ambitious, and that embraces a somewhat left-of-centre approach - something I can't live without."

Carlos was once thrown off a donkey in Villiersdorp. We didn't dare ask what he was doing on a donkey, nor why he was in Villiersdorp. Anyhow, it allegedly skidded to a halt at the top of a little hill. He didn't.

After spending years participating in many sports ranging from cricket and tennis to karate and Ninjutsu (an enraged form of martial arts he never was any good at), Carlos now, blessed with two left feet, try to play social football (not soccer, he insists).

His interests include Eastern movies, reading, economics and the sciences. His poison of choice is whiskey, which he enjoys consuming with friends while devising cunning plans for world domination.

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, isn't "Eureka!" but rather "hmm.... that's funny." - Isaac Asimov.

Carlos has passed his GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)






Carlos has passed his GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)

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