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Quirk is now Mirum

Charlie Gilbert

Copywriter & Gadget Man

Not only did June 2013 bring the first snow hail storm to Cape Town, it also brought Charlie Gilbert the Gadget Man to our QuirkStation. He settled right in to the Creative Team as a Copywriter. After a stint of travelling and searching for his inner Charlie... he finallly found himself, albeit 2 years later. He then returned to home soil where he was introduced to the Vega School of Wisdom and MagicIt was love at first headline. Before joining us crazies, Charlie was doing his thang at Radar Communications where he headed up the creative department (for those that are not hip; "thang" refers to: conceptual thinking, creative writing, making lame jokes and laughing at said jokes).

Described as reliable, weird and smart, Charlie brings an arsenal of exceptionally useless general knowlegde as well as an uncanny reslemblence to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes (true story). Along with the pretty ladies from FHM, he's like lank keen on surfing, bruuu. He digs to catch up on the waves on Surfline or via the real deal in and around Cape Town. He's also got a step-cat named Smokey-joe and can do a strange dance where he jumps through his leg. We like him already.

"You never know until you go"

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