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Quirk is now Mirum

Clemens Maart

IT Desktop Support & Coco Pop Fan

Clemens joined Quirk Cape Town’s IT Team in a Desktop Support role in August 2011. An interest in new technology and love for online learning and gaming drove him to complete his National Diploma in Information Technology. Well, that and the fact that his initial career dreams of becoming a pilot were put on hold when he discovered he was a tad put off by heights (the sky’s loss is our gain). 

He goes by a variety of nicknames including Lenny, Bobo or Clebo (don’t ask) and is calm in the face danger (like those Non-responsive Printer vs. On-deadline, caffeine-fuelled QuirkStar “situations”), patience is definitely his virtue. Clemens chose Quirk because he longed for a high-energy environment where he could learn, work hard and have fun at the same time. We chose him because he’s awesome.  

When not at the QuirkStation, you’ll find Clemens eating Coco Pops, gaming, reading or hanging out with his mates.


“Have a fun attitude towards life.”