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Quirk is now Mirum

Derik Nieman

Senior Analyst & Guitar Hero

Derik Nieman joined the Jozi QuirkStation as a Studling in January 2011, adding a bit more testosterone to the ever-growing Intern Pen. Growing up, he idolised the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (dude!) and aspired to be apalaeontologist-astronomer. After matriculating from Hartbeespoort High however, he took to the road (literally) and spent 6 months as truck driver in the US of A. Back on home soil, he completed his Bcom in Marketing with Honoursat the University of Pretoria. Fuelling his curiosity for creativity, he headed to Vega School of Branding where he got his certificate in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing.

Since he’s been a bit of a computer junkie since a young age, joining Quirk and moving into the digital world was a perfectly natural progression. Derik can’t live without Facebook, News 24 and Ultimate Guitar – and he’s got a very sexy Ibanez S520EX guitar to prove it! He loves sleeping late, music and chilling out watching movies and series. If he could change one thing in the world, he’d give everyone their own theme song. *Cue the music*

“There is no spoon”

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