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Quirk is now Mirum

Elmarie Koen

Accounts Assistant & Singing Chef

Word of mouth has it that this spring chicken, fresh out of school, was seeking a challenge, which she has so aptly found at Quirk. A serious caffeine addict, Elmarie still enjoys a fair amount of beauty sleep, when she's not cooking gourmet meals and singing, of course!

Elmarie enjoys a good sense of humour and likes to make others laugh and feel good about themselves, but feels that this is only possible after at least 3 cups of coffee in the morning. (Everyone will agree, I'm sure!) Although, I'm sure she was wide awake after being pulled over by the police after being suspected of crayfish smuggling.

Happiest when she is with her boyfriend, 6 dogs and one cat, Elmarie dreams of going to Mauritius for a relaxing holiday at some point.

"Rules are made to be broken."