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Quirk is now Mirum

Grant Wright

Group Head of Information Services & Serial Killer

There's definitely more to this Grant Wright character than meets the eye. At first look, he's Quirk's Head of Information Services, he's passionate about open source, has a soft spot for Google (don't we all!) and secretly hopes to find a cure for the Flu virus.

But evidently there's a darker side to his personality. Not only does he not have pets (here at Quirk we judge people who don't have pets) but he can also cook, bake and he likes to work on cars in his spare time. So multi-talented, it's actually suspicious. Add to the equation his penchant for the movie 'Seven' and we may have cause for concern. For those who've forgotten, that is the movie where someone gets sent a body part in a box. Scary stuff. Also, his favourite TV series is CSI - no prizes for guessing whose side he's on!

Grant also had a shaved head and a fringe at one stage, so we know where the latent resentment against the world comes from; what kid can recover from something that traumatic? When he's not exercising his right to rid the world of malicious hairdressers and pets, Grant traverses the Western Cape looking for jet ski and 4x4 adventures.

Fortunately, at Quirk, we don't judge people on what they do in their spare time. And it's a good thing too, because Grant's CV is long and impressive looking. He's been in Cape Town for 10 years now, and has worked at some important sounding places, including Mecer. Having matriculated, he completed the course, has studied Asterisk (VOIP Solution) and is a MIKROTIK certified engineer (Router OS). With experience and qualifications like these, serial killers don't seem so bad (we looove Dexter after all). And he can be forgiven for eating cheese and jam sandwiches to. Smallz eats Marmite with jam and we still hired him.

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