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Quirk is now Mirum

Jason Gird

Strategic Planner & Simba

Jason Gird joined the QuirkStudlings in the Cape Town QuirkStation’s intern pen in January 2012. Jason (or J-Dawg to his mates) grew up with stars in his eyes and dreams of putting Hollywood stars in front of his camera. Although he has yet to become an Oscar winning filmmaker, his time spent on various film and advertising sets as a child sparked a passion for the marketing world.

After attending Reddam House, Jason plumped up his CV with a three year Degree in Film Production from the University of Cape Town. Not yet done, he went on to get his Post Graduate Degree in Advertising and Marketing from Red & Yellow.

J-Dawg’s easily distracted by Norwegian girls, in fact when two of these lovelies once caught his eye, he sustained an injury involving smashing glass and a foot (don’t ask!). Jason loves spending his time on the beach or braai-ing with friends with a gin or brandy and Coke in hand. His favourite hang-outs online includeYouTubeWired and Wikipedia.

“Never listen to the pessimist”

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