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Quirk is now Mirum

Kapeesh Manilal

Front End Lead Engineer

Kapeesh Manilal burst into the Cape Town QuirkStation in April 2012 joining our Create Grad Programme and bringing with him one of the coolest names, like, ever. If he had a childhood hero, it would’ve been Barney Stinson but alas, he wasn’t around then. Luckily, Kapeesh turned out pretty awesome anyway. Kappy (as we call him) soon worked his way up in th team, to gain the title Front-End Lead Engineer.

Hailing from the small town of Port Shepstone (they don’t even have a McDonald's) Kapeesh made the move to UCT where he completed a BCOM in Information Systems. Whilst there, he also got stuck into varsity life as a campus DJ, performer and all round awesome-event-organiser. Before joining Quirk, Kappy used to bide his time jamming online games and drawing provocative anime characters *cough.

He’s enthusiastic, he’s driven and he’s all about striking the balance between creativity and tech. You can take a gander at some of his work right here on his portfolio.

“You'll find me slaying demons at the front-end of leading tech innovation and development”