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Quirk is now Mirum

Karen Meyer

Head of Operations & Karentjie

In November 2012, we welcomed Karen Meyer into the Cape Town QuirkStation as Head of Operations. We soon learnt she was a bit OCD, which made us like her even more. Having previously worked at Ogilvy One and Under the Radaras Operations Director, Karen’s going to be responsible for the daily running of our Cape Town agency. This means getting jobs done from start to finish, on time and on budget. No small feat, but Karen says she’s driven to find efficiency and streamlined, co-ordinated efforts for each job. The result? Happy people and great work.

Very on trend, Karen’s also dabbled in a clothing boutique as a hobby and loves to oogle over the fashion inspiration on She’s a big fan of documentaries, her pet frog and her collection of clutch handbags. But anything to do with bigotry, party tricks or instruments, you can leave at the door.

“Nothing is impossible”