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Quirk is now Mirum

Kate Lighton

Account Executive & Globe-trotting Twitcher

After completing her degree in Political SciencePhilosophy and Economics as well as a Post Grad in Marketing at the University of Stellenbosch Kate really didn’t deserve that Thai turd on the lap. Despite au pairing for that 3 year-old topping her ‘Worst jobs’ list, she survived the “encounter” and went on to spend a year in beautiful Oxford. Back on South African soil, Kate interned at a luxury brands company before joining the Cape Town QuirkStation as a Project Manager Apprentice in July 2014.

Described by her friends as loyal, uncoordinated (apparently she runs like Phoebe) and caring, "Kitty" is achocoholic and cat lover. When she’s not working, Kate enjoys the outdoors and is a proud twitcher and fisherwoman. Just don’t expect to see her on a horse, ever. Kate is also a 30 Seconds whizz and lists Sheryl Sandberg and Gareth Cliff as two people she’d love to meet one day. Super sharp, friendly and eager to learn, we’re thrilled to have Kate on board the good ship Quirk and welcome her with a How do you do….

“Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, your attitude when you have everything” ~ Unknown