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Quirk is now Mirum

L-zanne Wentzel

Engineering Manager & Aspiring Winemaker

The lovely L-zanne Wentzel (also known as LZ, which is like JayZee but cooler) joined the Cape Town QuirkStation in November 2010 as a Senior Front-End Developer. It wasn’t long before she was promoted to Developer Team Manager for Quirk’s rocking Development team.

Growing up on a farm in the Paarl winelands, she idolised Daddy dearest *blush* and longed to become a winemaker. Fortunately for us, her aspirations changed and after finishing up school L-zanne headed to Concept Interactivewhere she obtained her Digital Design Diploma. All the other good stuff she taught herself.

Before joining Quirk, LZ gained invaluable experience working at iTouch, Stonewall+ and Saatchi & Saatchi atPlay and got the opportunity to learn from one of her industry heroes: Allan Kent.

L-zanne’s ninja skills are not just limited to the digital world, she would choose to spend her days brewing beer, chilling or cycling in the sun, visiting a local market, gardening, enjoying a braai or rocking out to some epic psytrance (Cape Town’s got the best). She also loves the colour green, Pilates and her cat, Vader.

“Colour outside the lines.”