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Quirk is now Mirum

Lesley Southgate

Senior Traffic Manager & BMW Fan

Lesley Ann Southgate joined the Cape Town QuirkStation as Senior Traffic Manager in January 2016. Hailing from Design Infestationshe always secretly wanted to join Quirk because of her keen interest in the world of digital. Describing herself as methodical, she claims her smartest and most valuable contribution will be structure and process. “Think of me as the scaffolding on a building that’s being restored” she says. We like her team spirit!

This Pinterest addict is also a massive BMW fan and has the merch to prove it: watches, shoes, caps – you name it, this girl’s got it. It’s no wonder then that some of her favourite days are spent at cars shows, rallies and races – especially if she gets the chance to take a look under the hood of a classic automobile.

If the world were to end tomorrow, the first thing Lesley would do is take her beloved Christmas present and furbaby, Paco-Rodriquez (a Staffie/Pitbull cross), to the beach for a bit of a frolic. When Lesleys not at the office slaying dragons, you can find her watching her favourite shows on the History Channel or daydreaming about Jay Gatsby.

“As I breathe, I hope” ~ M.Cicero