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Quirk is now Mirum

Liam Gibbs

Head of Strategy & Pug Daddy

Liam Gibbs joined, or should we say re-joined, Quirk Cape Town in August 2010. The Head of Engage was actually one of Quirk’s first Stars back in the day and is stoked to be back (as an added bonus the view is far better these days).  

Slug (we’ll get back to that one) grew up in the Eastern Cape before moving to Cape Town to complete a BA majoring in English Literature, Media Studies and Comparative Religion at UCT. It was the Media Studies major that sucked Liam into the world of the Internet, he had to figure out how to build a website for a final year project and has been learning ever since.

He’s passionate about the potential of all the engagement tactics, especially Search Marketing and Social Media and aside from designing Quirk’s Search Engine Optimisation course, he’s Google AdWords Qualified, a holder of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification and has passed Quirk’s eMarketing certification.

Liam acquired the nickname “Slug” in high school. It stuck and he now produces and releases music under that name. He’s released 5 albums (the 6th is nearly complete), has played live and DJ shows on every continent and owns his own record label. In fact there are a lot more people around the globe that know him as Slug as opposed to Liam.

He enjoys blogs such as TraffikSearch Engine Watch and Clay Shirky’s Internet musings and news Liam also loves his family, including his two problem children Poppy and Emily (who are pugs). You can get to know Liam a little better by following him on Twitter.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

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