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Quirk is now Mirum

Liezel Bessick

Kitchen Manager & Sweetie Pie

Artisticfunny and loveable are just a few of the words Liezel’s friends use to describe her and each is a quality we love in a QuirkStar! Known for her scrumptious dishes and impeccable hosting skills, Liezel credits her mom as her childhood hero and inspiration (aww...). Now a mom herself, when she’s not looking after the kids, spending time with her hound or working hard at the Cape Town QuirkStation she can be found kicking back to Day of our Lives with a slab of good chocolate or making new friends on Facebook.

Taking her place next to Leona as Quirk’s own Smooth Criminal, this Michael Jackson and Celine Deon fan is a self-proclaimed people lover. Given a super power for a day, she’d rescue people in need (she’s REALLY nice!). Back in the real world she does her bit as an avid recycler and, given the news of an impending zombie apocalypse would jet off to Disney Land with her kids.

“Never underestimate the power of the mind” ~ Unknown