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Quirk is now Mirum

Marianna Hadzigeorgiou

Senior Art Director & Pinterest Junkie

In April 2014 a lovely Greek awesomeness called Marianna aka Marie-Biscuit aka Clown, joined the Jozi team as Senior Art Director. Having studied at Damelin, purely for the sake of animation, this chic says that Pinterest is her inspiration and her mum her hero. Also Walt Disney, but her mum definitely outweighs the Walt.

Born in Athens, Greece and so clever that she learned English in two months (wow), Marianna says she would give money to everyone if she had a superpower, how kind?

If Marianna could meet anyone it would be Anna Wintor (Marianna has a slight obsession with clothes) and Frank Underwood. She is described as crazy, funny and loyal and would want to spend her last day on earth with her family.

“There’s nothing that a tablespoon of Nutella and a nap can’t fix”