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Quirk is now Mirum

Martha Hera

Kitchen Manager & Passion For Fashion

Martha Hera joined Quirk Cape Town as a Kitchen Manager and Office Maintenance Assistant in January 2011. Marthayjie (as she’s affectionately known around here) originally hails from Zimbabwe, where she studied to be a stellar chef before heading to Cape Town and joining the ever-growing Quirk family.

Those who know her best would describe her as sweet, cool, funny and always having a positive energy and outlook on life (as well as a gorgeous smile!). Marthayjie’s ideal day off would include sleeping late, relaxing, shopping and spending time with her friends (sounds good to us!). She loves soccer, the colour blue and won’t say no to chocolate (who would!?). Her most prized possession is her son, Peter, and if she could change one thing in the world, she would make it so that everyone could be with their families, always.

“Don’t worry, be happy!”