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Quirk is now Mirum

Nic Ray

Group Strategy Director & Serenity Now

Nic is a Cape Town boy who did a Business Science Marketing degree at UCT. He was in the same class as Rob and apparently used to annoy him by asking too many questions. After University (and some overseas adventures) Nic enrolled in the 'University of Advertising': Ogilvy.

He started at Ogilvy Cape Town in 2001 and quickly moved up the ranks (through hard work, client service skill, charm and sexual favours) and worked on brands like Old Mutual, BP, SAB and Audi, but it was on the Castrol brand that he really earned his stripes. His success at running this piece of business saw him getting headhunted by Ogilvy London to work as a business director on Ford of Europe.

A year on this complicated, big budget business helped Nic realise that he needed a change; he had lost his passion for all things above-the-line and was spending more and more time online. The digital bug had bitten!

Thankfully, his old adversary (and über geek) Rob offered him a job at a cutting edge digital marketing shop: Quirk. Nic double clicked on the opportunity.

Nic is passionate about building brands online, the power of video, creativity, new technologies and design. When he's not being a geek, he loves surfing, frisbee, fly fishing, travelling and cinema. He is also an outrageous flirt.

"Sometimes you just have to piss in the sink." - Charles Bukowski

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