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Quirk is now Mirum

Rob Stokes

CEO, eMarketing Specialist & Cricket Fanatic

Best Individual Contribution to Digital  - The Bookmarks (2009 Winner)

Besides finding blissful enjoyment in serious amounts of late nights and hard work, our very own Rob Stokes has also found a way to use his hilarious and gregarious nature to power the turbines of the QuirkStation. Initially, it began in Rob's bedroom, with only the voices inside his head to keep him company. But the growth of Rob's ideas was inevitable. They crept out of his bedroom into his lounge, and then all the way to a warehouse in Cape Town and then to offices in London and Johannesburg.

While studying a Business Science Degree at UCT in the 90s, Rob's love for both technology and marketingmerged in his Marketing Honours Thesis which focused on the topic of Email Marketing. His vision for taking online marketing to the world was the beginning of Quirk eMarketing as we know it today.

Energetic, inspired and dedicated to motivating people and empowering them - especially whilst wearing the famous (or is it infamous) tight white cricket shorts - Rob manages to bring these qualities to both clients and staff. He has filled the QuirkStation with Stars who have created a formidable eMarketing machine with an international client base.

Rob is not only passionate about the world of eMarketing, but also about making it an accessible tool to others. This eMarketing specialist has been lecturing on Internet Marketing at UCT, Red & Yellow School of Advertising and Cape Peninsula University of Technology for the past 5 years. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, he also manages to deliver various workshops and presentations across the globe.

2008 marked the achievement of a lifetime for Rob - eMarketing: the essential guide to online marketingwas released. Rob's brainchild, this comprehensive guide to online marketing was compiled by Rob and his merry band of QuirkStars in order to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. As Rob is a real believer in the principles of open source and is passionate about education, he released this textbook under Creative Commons licence. Any one can download the book for free or buy a hard copy, making it accessible to any and everyone interested in eMarketing.

"For the record, I am not a nut. I am an optimist. That's exactly like a nut except with a better attitude." - Scott Adams