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Quirk is now Mirum

Robyn Joshua

HR Coordinator & Smile Enthusiast

Robyn Joshua unpacked her good vibes and friendly smile at Quirk Cape Town in January 2014. She employs her infectious personality in her quest to be the very best HR Coordinator. Robyn chose to study Psychology through UNISAbecause of her fascination with humans and since she is in Human Resources, knowing how demanding humans can be, it’s safe to say the human race still captures a je ne sais quoi with her. Robyn is an incurable, glass half-full, I-only-go-on-News24-for-the-weather, kind of optimist which is asset when you’re working with coffee-fuelled Creatives.

Friends describe Robyn as friendly, fun and clumsy, but even that last one she’ll own up to which just speaks to her infallible bright side. Robyn loves watching Disney princess movies and defines herself by the ability to change and develop through life. She’s not fond of litter bugs, but will probably kindly dunk the litterer in the nearest compost heap (it’s environmentally friendly right?). We’re happy to have Robyn and her infectious smile in the agency.

“Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell.” ~ Bill Copeland