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Quirk is now Mirum

Roger Ewing

Creative Director & Soccer Star

Roger joined the QuirkStars as the Creative Director of the Jozi studio in Jan 2011. After just 1 day, his plans to evolve the working environment were obvious, starting with making sure that the office music is in constant supply and of premium quality (Simply Red will not be accepted and he will start a volume war to prove it). Having moved up from Cape Town to join the team, it’s quite evident that Roger was itching to be a part of the QuirkStar dynamic.  

Roger’s childhood dreams of becoming a Rock Star were more than likely inspired by his undying love and respect for Morrissey. Although some might say there are close parallels to be drawn between Creative Directors and Rock Stars, it is the music that keeps Rog going and not the fame and fortune that comes with being a CD! He makes sure he gets his musical kicks through his profile and keeps up to date with all things creative via constant reference to The Served and his Image Sparkprofile. Roger’s ideal day off would be spent at the beach in Churchaven (hmmm… a bit far now that he’s on Jozi turf) while enjoying a picnic with his girl (and beer of course).  

Also affectionately known as Raj or Dodge, he’s the proud father of 2 boys and can be considered to be a loyal (albeit self-centred), arty farty, music nut. This self-confessed soccer fanatic can certainly offer an opinion on anything design related and we’re pretty sure he will strike up a compelling debate if ever we chose to discuss The Army, Helvetica fonts or Le Creuset cookware. 

Although somewhat defined by his hairline, our Jozi Creative Director is still living out his year(s) as a 21 year old, and we are looking forward to being heavily influenced by this guy and his “creative stuffs”.  

“Keep calm and make the logo bigger!”

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