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Quirk is now Mirum

Teryl Ann Lombard

Social Media Apprentice & Ray of Sunshine

Spring brings with it sunshine, as does Teryl Ann Lombard to Quirk Cape Town, where she joined as a QuirkStudling in September 2013. Her journey began with higher education at Cape Peninsula University of Technology where she studied marketing before a stint as a Telkom sales agent. Teryl's a hard worker who understands the importance of taking time out for a chat or a laugh which is why her superpower would be to take over the world (how else would you force people to talk or laugh?). Her friends know her to be loyal, fun and spontaneous which is probably why her guilty pleasure is shopping…

A combination of sitting in traffic for hours without access to a loo is what Teryl describes as "one hellish experience", and we’re inclined to agree. However this lady is one tough cookie, having bungee jumped not once, not twice but three times already. As a passionate dog-lover, Teryl is unfortunately feeling the urban squeeze as her apartment blocks furry friends with wet noses; luckily she can visit her parents to catch up with her sweet mixed breeds, Fudge and Sugar.

A bright new, bubbly personality in the QuirkStation is just what the spring season needs.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela