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Quirk is now Mirum

Zamaziya Sibeko

Intern & Not Just an IT Guy

The Jozi QuirkStation was lucky togain an intern in the ever-ambitious Zama when he walked through the doors in March 2016. With previous experience as a Remote Desktop IT Consultant and as a call-centre agent, it’s safe to say this guy has got some real skill in the IT department – and he has the patience that goes along with it too. He joined us as part of the Red and Yellow Springboard Programme.

Zama has a little boy named Ndumiso and 3 pit bulls back home, and would protect them all fiercely. This self-proclaimed personification of Pinky and the Brain’s Brain really thinks of his pups as part of the family, and that’s why he absolutely despises animal cruelty.

If Zama had one day left on Earth, he says he’d travel to other galaxies – Star-Lord style! His guiltiest pleasure is good food, and you’re most likely to find him soaking up more knowledge or asking “What’s good?” around the office.

“I see setbacks as opportunities to better myself”