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Privacy Notice & Agreement

To be able to provide you with extensive search-related information the SearchStatus extension that you are installing may exchange data with Alexa Internet, Inc. ("Alexa"), an company, Google Inc. ("Google"), Compete Inc. ("Compete") and SEOmoz, Inc. ("SEOMoz").

For every web page you visit while using SearchStatus (excluding secure domains and those you have configured as private), certain information, potentially including your ip address, the url of the web page you visit, and general information about your browser and computer's operating system may be transmitted from your computer to Alexa, Google, Compete or SEOmoz. Some of the url's you visit which are transmitted will contain information that is personally identifiable.

Alexa, Google, Compete or SEOmoz do not attempt to analyze web usage data to determine the identity of any SearchStatus user. Alexa aggregates and analyzes the information it collects to improve its service and to prepare reports about aggregate web usage. Please read the Alexa Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into and made a part of this agreement, to understand how Alexa uses the information collected through SearchStatus. You can learn more about the Compete Privacy Policy under the section "What information does our technology collect?"

By downloading SearchStatus you indicate that you understand and agree to this Privacy Policy, including the Alexa Privacy Policy.

Install SearchStatus v1.47


For Firefox

For SeaMonkey

If you get a "Document contains no data" error, right-click and select "Open Link in New Window".

SearchStatus FAQ

I can't see SearchStatus!
If you are running Firefox 4 or up, in the menu bar click View -> Toolbars -> Add-on Bar. If you still can't see it, click Tools -> Add-ons -> SearchStatus -> Preferences and position SearchStatus in the browser chrome using the drop-downs on the first tab.
I have to click every time to get rankings.
You are running in Private Browsing mode, or looking at the mozRank bar. Due to server limitations, mozRank is available on click only. For the other rankings (Google, Alexa, Compete), disable Private Browsing this by going into the SearchStatus Options (right-click on the blue 'q' icon) and deselect the relevant checkbox on the second tab.
Does SearchStatus contribute to my Alexa ranking?
Yes. SearchStatus users form part of the panel of toolbar users that contribute towards Alexa statistics. The same applies for Compete.
I click on the Firefox logo to install and nothing happens.
Have you allowed to install extensions? A yellow bar should appear at the top of the browser window when you click, with a button to allow the site permission to install SearchStatus. Once SearchStatus is installed, it appears in the bottom right hand corner, but you can place it anywhere in the browser chrome through the Options menu.
Does SearchStatus work on a Mac?
Yes, it works on any platform that Firefox can run on.
Popup windows are not correctly sized.
Try going into the Options menu and moving SearchStatus to a different part of the browser.
SearchStatus doesn't do anything/crashed my browser!
Older versions of Firefox have some remaining bugs in the extensions code. Try creating a new profile as described here and installing SearchStatus there. (Your old profile will remain intact).
Is SearchStatus spyware?
 The Google PageRank ranking sends your current URL and a hash of it to Google. The Alexa Rank ranking sends your current URL domain, your local IP address and a unique constant to Alexa Web Services. The Compete ranking (disabled by default) sends your current domain and a unique constant to Compete. The Linkscape ranking (disabled by default) sends your current URL to Linkscape. All of these displays can be turned off independently.
I've got an idea to improve SearchStatus
Please send it in! Use the form below.